It’s easy to say the Paris Demonstrations will show the Terrorists the France objects to the murders of Charlie Hebdo and the Jewish customers but it’s almost impossible for them to be protected, at least for the foreseeable future. All who engage in a sort of wish fulfillment exercise by thinking a massive demonstration will have an effect on the Terrorists need a reality check. Protection isn’t happening. Journalists and many others are in mortal danger until Terrorism is stopped. How will that be done?

Perhaps there’s a plan but where is it? Maybe there’s an offense that’s going to work. What is it? Possibly the way to stop Terrorism is known but how is it to be done?

What about the assimilation theory that goes something like: if we show them the value of Western culture they will stop killing Jews and Journalists? It should be clear that won’t work because it hasn’t worked because there’s no way people who hate a culture will join up.

A perhaps hopeful sign is Al Sisi, the President of Egypt who said the Terrorists are antagonizing the world. the “Perhaps” is because none of the Terrorists have agreed.

So the Terrorists are out there. No one is prepared to keep their intended victims safe. No one is even saying that but the ideas of people like Al-Sisi may have some effect. 

Meanwhile, Journalists and Jews are in danger and they will remain in danger until the Terrorists stop.   

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