First, take control of the streets of Paris and everywhere else in the free world. No more enclaves where special little replacements for government are permitted.
‘It’s foolish to blame “Extremists”. The problem is: “Crimes Against Humanity”, not because some people follow “Radical Islam”.

Next, agree that the enemy is Terrorism and the justification to annilihate Terrorists is rather simple:

“Murder Is Wrong”. Let’s not overthink this.

America can do this alone but it might be nice to have a worldwide coalition willing to fight against Terrorism which is only murder dressed up in some respectable looking disguise. But President Obama cannot lead the coalition. Nor will he take on “The Terrorists” because it seems he sympathizes with their grievances. He also refuses to take on things face to face, preferring stealth, secrecy and deception.

He invited Professor Gates to the White House after Gates was charged with a few crimes. That didn’t go well because Obama couldn’t change the mind of the police officer.

Obama blamed : “a video” for the terror attack in Benghazi. That was a series of colossal lies by Obama, Hillary and Susan Rice.  Obama expressed condolences for the families of the 12 victims of Terrorism in Paris but he didn’t support a Free Press. That shows his true beliefs. It also shows why he cannot be a leader of a War On Terror. He doesn’t have the stomach for it.

Stopping Terror doesn’t need a basis against any part of any religion.  The justification for fighting Terrorists is the age-old idea that murder is wrong. Nothing else is needed.

They’re wrong; we’re right and we win.


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