It’s not so simple yet at it’s base, the problems of Good v. Evil are not that difficult to discover and fix. Government’s have been wrongly bossing people around. Where do they get their authority? A good place to start the search for what’s wrong is to look to the world created by philosophers eons ago.

Rulers from the first to the present know how to grab control of people by getting control of their minds. “Get ‘Em While They’re Young” and they’re gotten for a lifetime. The Jesuits know that. That’s one of their basic tactics to convert and keep converts, Despite being so wrong for so long about the basis of Jesuitism, getting children works for them. It works for Islam too. The Chinese Communists who rule China know it. It’s amazing it’s not been more widely discovered but look at the drone video of the people against government in Hong Kong. So many people who were Communists are demonstrating against China. Unfortunately they’re not demonstrating against Communism itself but they can’t o that because it’s buried deep in their psyche’s that they don’t know it. So they demonstrate against a minor issue compared to the fundamental wrongness of Communism itself. Hong Kong is going to end badly but because of the shear size of the demonstrations lets hope not.

China is a totalitarian freedom-diminished country and culture yet somehow something stirred inside lots of people in Hong Kong that can’t be and must not be ignored. It’s simply Freedom trying to get a voice in a land where voices are silenced by fear and force. China is an officially atheist culture so God can’t be blamed for the problems or used for the solutions. Too often government has relied on the power of the religious leaders to provide the moral basis of their rule. God is a great one to use as the basis of morality but that can’t be used in China where God’s been eliminated.

Religionists worldwide would explain the Hong Kong demonstrations as the lack of religion but that’s as wrong as blaming God as the cause. Both sides get it wrong and that’s easy to see in Hong Kong, one of the best aberrations of the twin causes of so much of what’s gone wrong. That would be the combination of faith and force. The anecdote is not just democracy with it’s voting for all solution. Neither is freedom the answer on it’s own. Freedom is like an acorn. Loads of potential, too little substance. Freedom needs a critical mass to overcome a dictatorial government. Freedom is like anarchy in the sense that’s it’s not enough. Anarchy is almost worse than democracy because of the lack of a system to punish evil while it’s small so it doesn’t grow into a big evil empire. Look to the Middle East for proof of the evil nature of religious based anarchy.

In three words, Mysticism, Altruism and Communalism, are the base problems of human societies. What is a three word solution? Don’t say Anti-Mysticism, Anti-Altruism and Anti-Communalism. That’s true but just as MAC is a very over-simplified but true diagnosis, so is Anti-MAC an over-simplified but true solution.

The answer to Mysticism is Reality.
The answer to Altruisn is Reason. The Primacy of the Individual. Living your life, not your community’s.
The Answer to the problem of Communitarianism is the Sum of all Individual Freedoms; Liberty. That’s the answer in Hong Kong. The sum of Reality, Reason, and Liberty. For a more perfect explanation of how to fix everything read the 1789 American Constitution. Those solutions lead to Capitalism.

Watch out for the phony types of systems based on non-Constitutional, therefore phony Capitalism. That’s the problem of present-day America. President Obama is the best example of the worst solution to everything. He’s having a hard time figuring out what to do because it should be obvious to him that his solutions don’t work. America is fortunate partly because everyone who preceded Obama provided America with a reservoir of freedom, sort of like lots of freedom was put in the bank. The Left has been withdrawing but not putting back. Everything’s gotten worse. maybe Obama will get this figured out but probably not. He’s been too wrong for too long.

MAC and Anti-MAC. So simple.

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