Without passion love is just friendship. President Obama must know about passion but his cold attitude towards war showed no emotion at all. He’s good at keeping his emotions bottled up, coming through his life by hiding so much. Don’t be deceived by the ready smile; his book: “Dreams From My Father” revealed the inner man of race and bias.

Playing with toy soldiers was almost a rite of passage before the Politically Correct removed them from the stores but instincts can’t be covered-up without provoking inner explosions. The President insulted the military by saluting with a coffee cup in his hand. Quickly dubbed the “Latte Salute”, it’s a stark example of the lackadaisical air towards America of this most un-American patriot. Where the heart is and where the head is are two hidden characteristics often masked but which come through when one’s guard is down. Distracted from the Commander-In-Chief role Obama is expected to play but for which he is ill suited and resistant.

It’s too bad he’s not a Physical Warrior. Courage and a natural inclination to fight against terrorists not only doesn’t come naturally to him, his instincts propel him in the other direction. Sorry America, this is a toy war to the pivoting warrior.

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