It’s called LERTA and it’s a typical government trick designed to cover-up a tax increase. It works like this: A business can increase the value of it’s property but avoid paying additional taxes for five years. A homeowner however must pay more taxes as soon as they increase the value of the home. How unfair is that?
The assessment of the business property is made immediately when an improvement is made. Higher taxes are due because a business made it’s business better. That’s really Un-American. Why should government benefit for something it had nothing to so with, i.e., the expansion? Why should government get more money because someone decided to work harder or to spend money to upgrade a building and hire more people?

Government has been harvesting money from businesses making it harder for businesses to make money and harder to hire more people. Tax increases decrease jobs for the people who must work for a living. Government doesn’t make money, it simply demands it which is why it is hard for a new business to locate to Northampton Township where taxes are too high and business people know it so they don’t locate in Northampton.

If Northampton was serious about attracting business to the township they could cut the taxes for everyone including businesses. The township wouldn’t have to figure out how to falsely lure businesses. They wouldn’t have to figure out how to trick people and burden them into paying more. They would cut the expenses and lower everyone’s taxes instead of coming up with phony tax cuts that are just tax increases further down the road.

The State and Northampton should be ashamed for coming up with LERTA instead of doing what they should do if they have the best interests of the people at heart. But that’s part of their problem. They don’t have hearts.

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