Illegal Immigrants are illegally entering the United States because the Obama Administration is out to get revenge on the West because his Kenyan Grandfather was tortured in the last century.

So the President wants to overwhelm America with non-European Illegal Immigrants. To achieve his illicit goal he’s decided to allow anyone into America. He has to defy Congress and the courts but he’s been defying Authority since he learned how to do it from Professor Saul Alinsky.

The wave of illegal immigrants are non-Euro’s. That decreases the percent of Euro-Americans in America which helps non-Euro’s get elected to office.

Who can stop this illicit activity on the part of the President? He’s the commander in chief so he has the military who are honor-bound to support his illicit activity.

Ordinary Americans must follow the law but they can’t follow the illegal behavior of the leader in D.C.


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