In their zeal to get revenge against people with guns by taking their guns and by preventing them from acquiring a gun they proposed to have government go after people who are made helpless by mental issues.

House of Representatives Bill number 1565 starts out with a contradiction. The creators claim they want to protect people with guns by(the contradiction) stopping some people from getting guns.

The Bill H.R. 1565 states right in the title: “To protect Second Amendment rights”

Supposedly the title is the purpose of the bill.

But Congress has a bad habit of naming a bill the opposite of it’s purpose. That tactic was used in HR 1565.

It says it supports the Second Amendment which states: “…the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed”.

But the purpose of HR 1565 is to restrict guns. It hides it’s true purpose by beginning with the opposite idea. Supporting the 2nd Amendment means supporting guns.

Here’s how HR 1565 opposes the Second amendment. It singles out “the mentally ill”. The bill is so sweeping in it’s enforcement that people with temporary mental issues would be put on a list of people with mental illness and that is sdesigned to stop those people from getting the government approval before then can buy a gun.

In addition every gun they have will be confiscated. After all, because  a name in on a list of people who should not have a gun the police are given permission to confiscate any gun the person has. I

If that’s not a tactic of a Police State, what is it?  

People get depressed. When they look at the invasion of America by the Left they feel bad meaning in the language of psychiatrists they are depressed,  and they must be forbidden from owning a gun. Their name must go on the list.

So, according to 1565 the list members must lose some of their Liberty because Progressives, Democrats, the Left and tyrants like Giffords and her astronaut husband and the Progressives who have turned them into poster children to stop people from acquiring a gun wrote HR1 565.  

The Left constantly tries to portray The Tea Parties as “nuts”. Is being a Tea Party supporter or activist evidence of being  “nuts”  and is that a mental issue?

Yes, and that’s how the Left tried to infringe on all citizens who want a gun.

The broad use of the idea of Mental Illness  means it covers just about everything from a headache  treated with aspirin to Midol for mood swings.

Here are the exact words from the Constitution Offending bill: “.. ensure that all individuals who should be prohibited from buying a firearm are listed in the National Instant Criminal Background Check System, and provide a responsible and consistent background check process. dangerous criminals and the seriously mentally ill.

This bill was eventually defeated but the damage of the effort is being extended to hurt Congressman Fitzpatrick by wrongly including him as one of the Congressmen who supports gun confiscation.


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