Watergate brought down President Nixon because of the Cover-Up. No one was physically harmed. No one was murdered.

Benghazi is much more serious because it involves 4 murders, President Obama, then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and the U.N Ambassador, Susan Rice.

It’s been over a year and many questions need to be answered.

But there appears to be or there really is a cover-up that involves more levels of government than Watergate.

America needed to get over Watergate. President Gerry Ford was the perfect President to do that.

There’s a danger with the Obama Administration with it’s deep seated organization. If the President resigns the danger of Vice President Joe Biden getting control of the Presidency could make matters worse. Joe Biden seems to have more of the attributes that brought the United States to this sorry state.

That could make the Benghazi cover-up worse than the Watergate cover-up.

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