America under the heel of President Barack Obama is no longer about American Exceptionalism.

At the end of the Second World War, especially in Europe, America was highly respected, partly because America was Powerful.

President, Barack Obama lost that respect for America but even worse he not only neutralized it, he turned it into distain. Why?

Mainly because he’s never been comfortable.

His bi-racialality could have been an asset in bringing black and white America closer.

His mixed religions: both parents were atheists. (In his book: “Dreams Of My Father” he was clear. His father believed “religion was superstition”. (HERE). His mother was atheist, Marxist, and a Ph.d. Instead of finding a way for Atheists and for the various Religions to co-exist, he’s worked hard to further divide America along religious fault lines. That follows his hidden agenda. 

While living in Indonesia, the President attended a school for Muslim children. His maternal grandparents were Christians. He practiced Christianity, partly at Pastor Wright’s “God Damn America” church.

Reverend Wright is notorious because his religion based politics were and are not about healing America. Neither is President Obama.

So despite The President having a very mixed Atheist/Muslim/Christian/Agnostic/Animalist religious heritage he has not fostered moving Americans together. \

Confusion about a religious identity would seem correct because of his mixed past and present.

But the President claims he is Christian. Is he? His Secret Political Agenda has many layers. 

Neither his mother or father were “comfortable” with America. Maybe he inherited their dislike of America from them which might explain part of why the President has worked to decrease the American “footprint in the world.

What evidence is there that justifies the opinion that Mr. Obama has worked to decrease America’s position in the world?

1. His foreign policy decisions and achievements are almost zero.

2. He claims, wrongly, he is responsible for the death of Osama binLadin but President Bush began that operation. 

3. Israel has been partly abandoned by President Obama.

4. Iraq too.

5. Iran is ramping up it’s centrifuges and

6. Syria is under the control of Russian’s Vladimir Putin more than President Obama.

7. Europe is in tatters. Once a group of countries and cultures that held America in high esteem, that’s been going downhill since 2008 when Obama took over America.

8. Ukraine lost a large amount of Ukraine territory when Putin took it

9. with no penalty from America or Europe.

10. Russia and China are closer than ever.

11. India is drifting away and

12. Mexico’s drug traffic to America has increased.

13. President Obama’s nod to foreign policy lies in his takeover of the American Medical system and making in more like Canada’s, -which is poor.

14. Under Obama Europe can no longer depend on America to defend it. Military bases are being closed,

15. defensive missiles have been removed and

16. America has moved further away from Europe while

17. moving closer to the Africa and

18. the Middle East.

That may be due to the Muslim influence in his childhood and from his mothers disdain for America. Children get most of their adult ideology from their parents and Obama’s were against Great Britain from his father and against America from his father.

The hope is that after 2016 when Obama is no longer in the White House the damage he’s done to America’s reputation can be repaired. The problem with that is he may be followed by an even worse President, Hillary.


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