Quoting the District Attorney who decided against Criminal Prosecution of Upper Makefield Supervisor Dan Rattigan because he didn’t want to waste anymore time or resources prosecuting him for the seeming Aggravated Assault against private citizen Guy Poblemus in a corridor outside the meeting room, the Courier violated it’s own principles and wasted time and resources by writing a long editorial account of the incident.

Poblemus was sitting in a chair with his legs crossed when Rattigan grabbed him and shook him. The scene was captured on a video camera. (HERE). In the video Poblemus’ head can be seen moving back and forth as he is shaken by Rattigan.

In Pennsylvania an assault is when someone feels they are in danger by the actions of another. An aggravated assault is when a person is actually hit during an assault.

Of course the DA could be correct that Rattigan, whose parents are well known by the DA, was just kidding around when he let his fingers do the talking. .

Dan Rattigan is not a small man. He was wearing a suitcoat and a large raincoat when he turned and grabbed Poblemus. He blocked his exit. He made it impossible for Poblemus to do anything except sit there and take it.

The DA said Poblemus didn’t uncross his legs. One gets the idea that if he had uncrossed his legs he would have been charged with kicking Rattigan, whose parents are well known to the DA.

When two people decide to fight the assault charges against each other are offset. In this case since Poblemus was pushed around but did not decide to fight the DA decided to drop the charges against Rattigan whose parents encouraged DA David Heckler to enter public office. The DA  acknowledges as much when he admits in a letter to Attorney General Kathleen Kane that he has been a long time friend of Supervisor Dan Rattigan’s parents.

Check the video and the letter the DA sent to the press. (HERE).

Perhaps if Rattigan had grabbed a police officer the DA would have charged him. But Poblemus is not a police officer and his parents aren’t known to the DA.

Sometimes who your parents know makes a difference.

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