Why did so many jobs leave America? Regulations, Taxes, Time-wasting government requirements, Tax increases, Onerous ant-business government stratigies and tactics, the “Hate the Rich” mentality, More and more restrictions on businesses.
How do we get those businesses back? Remove the onerous laws.

The Left has believed and pursued government control of business with a passion seldom seen except in dervishes. They believe a knowledge of the negative consequences should not stop anti-business legislation even if those policies fail to accomplish their ends. They call everything an “advance”. They encourage the enlargement of the Marxist, Fascist and Socialist slave state. It is for the “public good,” they wrongly claim and the “public good” justifies any government action. If that means abrogating, rescinding, or abridging individual rights, if that means crippling the economy, and redirecting Americans’ wealth and efforts in a more public-spirited direction, so be it. We must all pull together. Anyone caught slacking at his oar, or mumbling against the whip-wielding overseers, will be isolated, vilified and punished. Possibly even tossed overboard.

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