Shaughnessy Naughton and Kevin Strouse are two Democrats fighting each other to win the Democrat nomination for Congress to oppose Congressman Mike Fitzpatrick. Last night’s event was well attended by about 60 people. It was capably organized and run by the local Bucks County NAACP.

For about two hours the Democrat candidates made their Liberal Democrat political positions known and answered questions from those attending the event. The audience liked both of them. Naughton was well informed but had numerous facts wrong. Strouse  was better prepared but his positions, like Naughton’s are so predictably Liberal. Neither is creative nor offers any difference. They are Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid Lite.

Naughton and Strouse  have been going at it for months. One will win on May 20th. The odds favor Naughton. A woman gets the woman’s vote almost automatically and some men will vote for her so Strouse is behind from the beginning. He should win based on his strength’s compared to Naughton.

Both talked about collaboration until I reminded them they were opposing each other, and that’s not collaborating. They stopped using the word showing they can get it if they want to. 

The Bucks Democrats are supposed to endorse candidates. They failed to do that with Strouse and Naughton. They spun their indecision as “leaving it up to the people”. Fine. That’s way different than their stated purpose to endorse the best candidates. Whether or not they endorse is important. Either the party stands for itself and what it says it does or not. It didn’t.

Strouse was the clear winner in last night’s event but he may lose the Primary. He’s definitely the better choice for the Democrats to oppose Congressman Fitzpatrick. 

Based on his almost perfect Liberal positions he would lose to Congressman Fitzpatrick by a greater margin than Kathy Bookvar did in 2011. Fitzpatrick has enormous appeal to both Republicans and Democrats. He’s registered Republican and he’s the most Liberal of the PA Congressional Delegation.

A Tea Party friend of mine wrote the following in response to the Courier’s report on the meeting:

“Naughton’s misstatement about being able to buy a gun at a Gun show “without” an ID was shot down in flames by me. She should check the laws on guns before she puts her foot in her mouth again! And her thoughts about Global Warming and creating an “Apollo like program” to create “alternative energy sources”? This shows her extreme bias against “the real World” and how it actually works! First of all, the capital that’s needed to create a sustainable, viable, low cost and readily available alternative fuel for our vehicles just isn’t there! Of course when she said that we “should invest” in this project,  what that really means is that our taxes should be raised to support such a project. Good luck with that one Ms. Naughton!

Strouse supports Fracking. Naughton favors something she called an “Appllo Like Program”, – but not fracking. Krause is clear, Naughton is naïvely vapid & obscure. Naughton favors Gay Marriage. Both support Illegal Immigrants. Fracking, Energy, Gay Marriage. Both are to the Left Of Center trying to run to their right. They sort of disagree with each other but they are essentially Washington Democrats.

Both talked about jobs but in response to my question: “Do you have a written plan to retain and create jobs or are you just talk, talk, talk?” They essentially admitted they had no written plan. Pelosi and Reid Lite.

It’s Fitzpatrick, maybe by an even bigger landslide.


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