He didn’t have to do anything about Putin taking Crimea away from Ukraine. After all, it wasn’t exactly his fault but in a broader sense it was his failures on several levels that almost forced Putin to grab Crimea. Foreign policy maneuvers are a zero sum game. Every move by the enemy must be at least matched by Obama. That’s the first failure. Not making it clear before Putin took Crimea that Obama opposed it. Next, when Putin sent in unmarked military forces Obama should have made it clear that was wrong.

The appearance of a large number of foreign flags in Crimea was a massive clue that Putin was going to take Crimea. What did Obama do? Nothing. Nothing substantive.

Putin voted to accept Crimea as part of Russia. Crimea voted to join Russia. Neither Putin not Crimea had any authority for the phony votes. How do we know that? Think for a moment. If Putin voted to accept New Jersey and New Jersey voted to join Russia neither vote would mean anything. Why? Because countries and parts of countries can’t go around voting where they want to go. 

How easy is this? Only a madman would believe there’s nothing that should have been done about Putin’s grab of Crimea. Is Obama crazy? No, not in the classic sense of a man who can no longer connect to reality. His craziness is his many actions that have tried to de-exceptionalize America and America’s position and influence in the world. Is there a solution to Obama’s craziness? If his personal history is used as the guide for the answer, no.

Reality catches up with crazy.


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