….. because there are many things that cannot be settled by a vote. You cannot steal an heirloom watch and keep it because you pay the victim for an heirloom watch. The wrong is the theft, not the value of what’s stolen. The Rule is: “It’s wrong to steal”. Every culture, sooner or later realizes that and adopts the rule against stealing. Some things are impossible to evaluate in terms of money. What’s the value of a war, the value of a life, the value of a slave, of a woman’s body, a child’s body, a kidnap victim, a masterpiece, the invasion of a country, of possessions are some examples.

Some things are not subject to the will or the vote of a majority. Not one of the Rights protected by the American Constitution are subject to a vote which gets to the problem of Russia, Ukraine, the Crimea and Putin. Russia has nothing to vote about regarding the protection of Russians in Ukraine because Ukraine doesn’t belong to Russia. The vote of the Russian Duma to invade and annex Crimea was not a valid vote. Same for the vote of the residents of the Crimea. It was not a country that belonged to any individual so no individual vote about the fate of Crimea is valid.

The vote of the majority didn’t occur because “the majority” doesn’t exist. What exists is the individuals and it’s easy to demonstrate  that the majority doesn’t exist by asking each individual: “are you the majority?” For any and for all of the reasons above President Putin of Russia should return the Crimea to Ukraine.

There’s another reason. Putin has an opportunity to do something no Russian Czar or Dictator has been able to do. To turn Ukraine into a bi-cultural state that recognizes the Rights of both Russians and Ukrainians who live there to live there without prejudice or bigotry against each other. America is the greatest nation because it serves all cultures. In America Russians and Ukrainians are equal under the law. So are the members of every different culture who live in America, – but America is not Ukraine nor Russia. America has been a melting pot where every resident has the same Rights. That’s one of the exceptional attributes of America. All are welcome, each is protected. Neither Russia not Putin understands America but Putin has a rare opportunity to act as a broker to make life in Ukraine and the Crimea better for Russians and Ukrainians by protecting both of them. Of course being Putin he cannot do that but it’s what he should do.  .

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