Europe will not let 21 Russians into Europe and America has banned seven. Senator Ted Cruz claimed Putin is laughing over the weakness of the West because they didn’t do anything of substance to move Russia out of the Crimea. In fact, President Obama said he wouldn’t do anything to rescue the Crimea and return it to Ukraine.

It’s historic that the boundaries of countries are moved by dictators who take over the land. It’s one reason a strong military is essential to any country but Europe is in a difficult position because it relies on America to pay for it’s defense. So the problem for Ukraine is it isn’t in NATO so America doesn’t spend money to defend Ukraine. Otherwise Obama would have to pony up some dough to oppose Putin.

Taking a country away from it’s government is not the best way to move borders. Crimea has minerals and access to the Black sea. Plus it has people who will be forced to serve in the Russian Military and they may have to fight Ukraine. So the situation in Crimea is a moral mess. The problem is there are no rules to follow so no one is responsible to enforce the rules.

Despite it being the twenty first century, the Crimea was invaded and removed from Ukraine just like Kings and Dictators have done it for centuries. Too bad for Ukraine and too bad for the people in Crimea who are so naïve about freedom that they voted to join a dictatorship. But it’s not in anyone except Putin’s best interest to capture the Crimea. The frustrating thing is no nation seems to care enough to do anything unless banning about twenty Russian’s is more serious than I think it is.

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