Unfortunately for the reputation of America, Michelle Obama in China is acting as though she is obsessed with being black and appears to be condemming America for being a racist country even though her husband was twice elected to be the President of America. Michelle doesn’t realize where she is. China. A nation without civil rights. A nation run by Chinese with no African’s in power. Not some Africans, none yet Michelle is buzy condemning America. How stupidly ignorant.

Does she see Africans or friends of Africa in the Chinese administration? How many black people are in the Chinese National Peoples Congress, the equivalent of the American Congress? NONE. How many Africans in The Chinese State Council, the equivalent of the Executive Branch? NONE!  Most, but not all, positions of significant power in the state structure and in the military are occupied by members of the Communist Party of China which is controlled by the Politburo Standing Committee of the Communist Party of China, a group of 4 to 9 people, usually all older men, who make all decisions of national significance. 

Michelle Obama is helping the Communist Chinese, a nation with neither civil rights nor civil liberties. Michelle told her Chinese hosts: America actually had laws that (summarizing) “allowed discrimination against black people like me and my husband.” DId she see any black people in the audience in front of her? Was there one? Nope. And did she know she was there by permission of the Chinese, not because she had a right to association like America had from the beginning. What is wrong with Michelle’s view of America? What’s wrong with her views of the world at large? How come she seems ignorant of the rulers of China and their totalitarian dictator govermnet? Does she know Mao Tse-Tung was a tyrant? A Czar? Or does she know and approve? Would she be better off growing up in China or America? If she thinks China is so great why not live there with her family?

This is a woman of diminutive intellectual assets. She is race-obsessed. More specifically she is anti-America and anti-white like Jeremiah Wright, her pastor is and his lessons were well received by Michelle.

That’s too bad because Michelle has lived a life far better than most white people and even much better than most black people. She is more influential than Oprah, another African-American of dubious grounding in individual rights. These successful and influential African Americans resent white people.

Michelle could do an invaluable service to her own race and to her birth country if she knew more about how many white people who went before her paved the way for her African American husband to get elected.  Unfortunately his administration is bringing racial preferences and affirmative action back with a vengeance.

And it’s doing so outside the legislative process, largely behind the scenes, through executive orders, regulations and prosecutions, effectively expanding existing civil-rights law. Neither Barack nor Michelle Obama are good Americans. Perhaps they will change but at this point in there lives their days of change are over. Their views are cast in concrete. That’s hurting the free world.

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