President Obama’s Antagonist is The Free Market and his Philosopher is Karl Marx. His tactics are similar to the uses of threats, intimidation and the plain old tactics of a police state. His hero’s used those tactics to impose similar laws in cultures that follow the immoral dictates of Altruism. In detesting capitalism he follows a morality that reveres the commandment that: You are your Brothers Keeper and we will force you to live up to that commandment. That commandment is based on a fable that has failed to provide prosperity everywhere it is imposed yet it is supported by the vast majority of people. Can they all be wrong? Yes.

Consider the early 20th century that saw the successful invention of the airplane by the American Wright Brothers, the invention of the electric light bulb by American Thomas Edison, the production line by American Henry Ford, the AM radio system by an American,  Americans including RCA and their working TV system, on the list goes. The Freedoms of America that made America into the best place for business until government learned to exploit the profits of businesses along with the wages of the workers to stifle freedom. Obama has many ancestors that preached the idea that the property of the individual should be shared among the community. That’s anti-capitalism. That’s anti-American and that’s Barack Obama.  



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