Jun 052018

Fox New’s Bill O’Reilly has insisted that “white Americans despise” the Black Lives Matter movement, and the head of the National Association of Police Organizations has accused President Barack Obama of being responsible for a “War on Cops.”

As tension continues to mount, some claim we’re in a race war in America. 

Stanley Nelson, a documentary film director said: “The very idea of the civil rights movement and non-violence was to say, ‘Look, look at what’s happening in the South — look at the dogs, look at the hoses. You have to pick a side,’” he says. “I think that’s maybe where we’re coming to now, and I think that’s maybe not a bad moment. Maybe it’s a moment of change.”

Though he does sense change, Nelson also says there are no “clear, quick answers” to the questions surrounding racism, racial tension, police brutality and bigotry against white people in America.

LeBron James who is black said the White House will not get a visit from the NBA Finals winner this year, whether it be the Golden State Warriors or his Cleveland Cavaliers. The NBA has the highest percentage of black players of any major professional sports leagues in the United States and Canada yet they are unhappy with race relations in America.

The races will never completely accept one another. There are many, many members of both the black and white races who hate people of different races because of their race.

That’s why American Law was changed to protect people from race-based abuse but what exactly is “abuse”? There’s no agreed upon definition. Micro-aggressions were invented to account for people who feel bad because someone supposedly disrespects them. Don Lemon, a black commentator said what good is full employment if black people still aren’t respected.

Donald Trump’s election to the U.S. presidency in 2016, produced shock and disbelief for blacks people, and for liberals, progressives, and leftists globally. Yet most of the immediate analysis neglects longer-term accounting of how the United States arrived here. The book: “Race and America’s Long War” examines the relationship between war, politics, police power, and the changing contours of race and racism in the contemporary United States. Author Nikhil Pal Singh argues that the United States’ pursuit of war since the September 11 terrorist attacks has reanimated a longer history of imperial statecraft that segregated and eliminated enemies both within and overseas. America’s territorial expansion and Indian removals, settler in-migration and nativist restriction, and African slavery and its afterlives were formative social and political processes that drove the rise of the United States as a capitalist world power long before the onset of globalization. The return of racism and war as seemingly permanent features of American public and political life is at the heart of the most persistent American crisis.

Jun 052018

Obama wants Congress to pass laws to restrain guns as though guns can shoot themselves. Obama needs to figure out that violent people, not the weapons they use commit murders. He wants to continue his anti-America and anti-white agendas to make it harder for law-abiding citizens to get the guns they need for self-defense. Who let this guy walk around without a monitor close by??

Q.  Why Does Obama Want To Blame Guns?

A.  To avoid naming the class of people who commit murder because that gets uncomfortably close to his heritage. 

Obama isn’t a murderer but by trying to prevent people from defending themselves with the deadly force that might be needed he is protecting the murderers and harming the people who eventually get murdered because of the lack of a gun with which to prevent their murder. 

How does this man sleep at night? Doesn’t his conscience bother him? t should.  

Jun 052018

The first rule of marketing is: “Know your product”.  The Miss America Pageant owners missed the message. People want to see what the most beautiful woman in America looks like but politics eventually ruined that idea so more people will tune-out. No one wants to watch some over-weight brainiac in a button-up sweater tell America why America isn’t so great. 

Jun 052018

If Barack Obama was still the President everyone of the Eagles would have gone to the White House but now that Donald J. Trump is president the Eagles want to protest by staying away. It’s not only the color of the White House that bothers them.

This is part of the continuing War Against the police and against White Americans. No true American should want to support that. 

Everyone is a member of the human race and each person has racial attributes among a great many other great human attributes but some people abuse other people and the Eagles, the NFL and the Left-Wing Anti-trump media including the Communist Phila Inquirer, have been and continue to blame white people for the plight of some millionaire players, coaches,and NFL team administrators. The fans should rise up in revolt and send a clear message that such bad behavior is wrong and won’t be supported. Don’t watch the NFL.

Why not condemn ridiculous behavior? Race is here to stay. Perhaps the government-run immigration issue in America will continue to make the white race less and less of a factor and even continue to penalize white people and send benefits to black people, many of whom become NFL players but the condemnation of white people is wrong and should be resisted and hopefully stopped. Help stop it ny refusing to support the NFL.

Past experience shows bigotry against white people won’t stop. Present experience such as Eagles players rather dumb protests; wrong place that affect the wrong people,  and an unpopular issue; cops arresting too many black people, will lower the number of white people who are energized because they are being wrongly blamed for things they didn’t do.

If you don’t agree this is only about black people and their race, consider that the NFL player protests began for that very reason. The black protesters want to make sure you know their protest is about race. It’s about how black people are treated, not only by black cops but by white cops especially. The NFL players don’t want the issue settled, they want it to continue to be an issue. 

Jun 052018

The Philadelphia Eagles won the Super Bowl but the team and the owners, unlike the Dallas Cowboys, are not America’s Team. They are a bunch of rather small minded children in large bodies who hate America, detest our values and misinterpret the fundamental ideas of this great nation. About 43 members of the 53 player team decided to make a political statement and purposely disrespect America and not visit the White House after the president sent them an invitation. No one should watch or attend an Eagles game.   

It was up to President Trump to put and end to the false issue of White Racism against black people so he cancelled the invitation.

In the name of Justice president Trump acted as the moral voice of America.  Three black players: Malcolm Jenkins,  Torrey Smith and Brandon Graham and white player Chris Long a supporter of the anti-white issue refused to visit a white president in a White House. Most of the team agreed with the protesters. These are little minds in large bodies. There’s little reason to watch or support the Philadelphia Eagles.