America still has a huge race problem. Why? Because the solution to America’s problems with race-mixing has been caused by starting in the wrong place, ny starting in the middle where all races are presumed to be the same. the same. But the races are not the same. The races are different, not just in skin color or hair but in their attributes and their natures. The solution requires starting at the beginning by identifying the very different attributes and the very different natures of at least the white and black races. What is the nature of white people? What is the nature of black people? The racial differences are not like white sheep and black sheep.  The differences between black and white people is not the place to start figuring out how people of white and black races can be …… well, no conclusion that starts with the wrong idea that the races can co-exist when the current situation shows that’s impossible even though there are many, many exceptions, will lead to a conclusion. One thing is certain. Black and white people are very different despite the idea that they aren’t. Lots of similarities seem to have led to the false conclusion that the differences are minor and can be ignored. Like two trains going in different direction that get to different destinations, America’s race problems are on too many wrong tracks. How do we get them going in the same direction and on the same track?

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