Bruce Jenner is psychotic… HE IS A PSYCHOTIC !!!  A walking talking abnormality …He’s in complete denial of nature… He is a denial of the normal… A disgrace to a nation gone crazy all at once… Everybody….. His acceptance as a candidate for governor of California is a testament to crazy…

And why are people who have Clinical Lycanthropy, (a rare psychiatric syndrome that involves a delusion that the affected person can transform into, has transformed into, or is, an animal), and who believe that they are really animals, as they howl, bark and exhibit other animal behaviors, not classified as animals that happen to be in human bodies?

Driven by a crazy, wrong, liberal social agenda and reversing centuries of accepted science with sleight of hand by playing with definitions and thereby declaring transgenderism to be a normal state, the Age of Woke has caused psychiatry and society at large to ignore the reality and normalize the abnormal.  All that was verified when Sean Hannity interviewed this psychological mistake of nature.

Taking this back to California, a vote for Candidate Jenner is a vote for Woke and Crazy at the same time. Jenner is a statement that the male Jenner’s female identity is normal, such that he can represent one of America’s greatest states as a regular female governor in a good and proper manner. It is a statement similar to the dangerous and revisionary Woke notions that math class is racist or that rioting is an acceptable form of social expression. crazy… All who support for and vote.

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