Ben & Jerry’s call for complete dismantling of police over Daunte Wright killing while resisting arrest. WHAT??? That’s completely crazy…..

The goofy ice cream makers say the death of Daunte Wright was “rooted in white supremacy.” WHAT! He was evading arrest and defying the police and there’s been a warrant out for his arrest for two years. Duante was as guilty as The Obama’s. That means Completely, 1,000%  Guilty.

What Ben & Jerry’s fails to understand is the necessity for law and order to be maintained by sound enforcement processes. There are always going to be tragic mistakes, some few times with fatal consequences, that are made by police officers who are constantly faced with criminals in many impossible situations as they try to preserve the peace. But the notion that this is an issue of systemic racism, which the radical left has been pushing as the narrative for a long time, is simply not true. America is racist free. It’s even against the law to be racist. How racist-free can a racist free nation become?

Wanna see racism? Go to Africa. Go to South Africa where the law has been turned upside down and has been turned against white people. Then look at America where race law has been used against innocent white people.

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