The bomb threat made against a WAWA store shows an additional danger from the Super WAWA at Rocksville Road.

No doubt there’s more info about the bomb threat. The info needs to be written up for what it is: another dangerous element of a very bad plan that will bring more crime to Holland which means more criminals which will endanger the peaceful families of Hope road and Holland itself. Criminals not only commit crimes, they endanger bystanders because of the threat of violent behavior and they maraud through the nearby neighborhoods bringing an additional danger due to the close location of the homes on Hope Road and other Holland neighborhoods.

Why do we have to tolerate this additional threat to our lives, the lives of our loved ones and to our property?

Because of politicians who are susceptible to the influence of a large, powerful entity. Someone may actually ask the supervisors; “have you have had any contact with, any pressure, any attempted direct or indirect influence from any entity associated with WAWA?

  Insurance does not always cover the damage and often does not fully cover damage like a rock thrown thru the window of a car or a home. Even worse is a rock or bottle thrown by a criminal at a child.

The biggest dangers of course are the easily ignitable and very explosive vapors that emanate from re-fueling vehicles, tens of thousands times a month, vapors that are as powerful as dynamite. Despite all of the precautions and all of the care during refueling WAWA will not guarantee their gasoline will not explode. Why won’t WAWA provide a guarantee? Because that’s the nature of gasoline which is purposely designed to blow-up so WAWA’s  refusal to indemnify their gasoline pumps from fire and/or an explosion validates the explosive nature and potential of their gasoline station.

Even Northampton’s fire department will not certify the WAWA as safe from fire or explosion. Northampton’s fire chief who is also a Northampton Supervisor. Adam M. Selisker … will certainly refuse to guarantee the safety of the gasoline station from fires and or explosions. To relieve one of the incredulity of a refusal to guarantee, to actually, in writing, guarantee the safety of the WAWA gas station, is proof beyond any doubt that the gasoline and the gasoline station is too dangerous to be approved.

If a guarantee to certify it is safe, is refused, why should Northampton continue to accept such hypocrisy in a township official. Each supervisor and each member of the Zoning board and the township manager should be presented with an actual copy of an affidavit of approval to sign to verify the WAWA is safe.  

The threat of injury and/or death may cause an increase in Home Owner Insurance. Has anyone actually checked with their agent to verify that?


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