Global warming could be mitigated by the injection of sulfate aerosol precursors into the atmosphere, thus increasing cloudiness. The particles will fall onto the land and into the oceans. The oceans will become more acidic which will require some bi-carbonate to be added to the oceans and presto, Global Warming is fixed.  What’s wrong with this approach? Nothing. Can we do it? Sure. But the greenies will come out in force against all of it. Better to leave the earth heat up and spend about ten times as much to stop the warming instead of simply doing what a huge refrigerator would do. Cool things off. Crazy greenies. Can’t listen to reason. Stupid greenies. Refuse to fix things. They helped Biden take out Trump… These are bad people who think they are not bad. Crazy greenies. Go al Greta Thunberg and hop around doing stupid things like travelling on a sailboat instead of using a motor. Crazy greenies. Maybe crazy Jim Carey can draw us a great picture of crazy greenies.

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