Umair Haque, a Palestinian who is telling the biggest, worst, most evil, most hateful and most false lies about America because he hates America. Perhaps he learned them from one or both of his parents who were not born in America but he absolutely is the biggest Trump-hater on the planet. Haque.. Is that pronounced Hack-E? Or Haekey. Both are grating sounds to a civilized mind.

Hacky is really torqued off that Donald Trump was elected president ant that he moved the American Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem. Hacky thinks, wrongly but this is what he thinks about the Capitol protestors, that they were sent by president Trump to assassinate people. He further thinks that the word: “Us” means only White People so when president Trump said The Election Was Stolen From Us he was really saying the election was stolen from White People. This Haque is one crazy-as-hell dude.

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