Forget all the unity and healing crap from the mouth of The Liar In Chief. It’s full speed ahead for Joe Biden now and after he is sworn in to tell whoppers and fibs until the re-election of Donald Trump.

Were any statues or paintings destroyed in the Capitol?

Was anything set on fire in the Capitol?

Thus far, there is zero evidence of that. However, from Minneapolis, to Portland, to St. Louis, to Louisville, to Kenosha, since May, what have we seen?

Entire car dealerships torched

Entire businesses completely vandalized and destroyed

Vehicles destroyed and multiple people attacked and some killed across multiple cities

Multiple buildings damaged and/or set on fire.

Harris still has her tweet up asking for donations for the BLM rioters bail fund.Victory Girls Blog

Yet here we have Joe Biden and Kamala Harris telling the world that the events of yesterday were more physically damaging than any of the violent riots and protests we’ve watched for nine months. It’s more than we should be expected to bear and Biden’s presidency hasn’t even begun.. These folks cannot be trusted to tell the truth. See more HERE

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