Will “Racism” ever end??  NO!

How can racism end when different races exist? People are race-conscious beings. People also want to be free because freedom is a human attribute.

The New Jersey state legislature recently passed a race-based bill that will install a mandatory “racism” and “social justice” education program into all public schools in the state. The bill will become law if it is signed by New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy (D).

According to a report by the College Fix, the bill will force the adoption of state-wide educational programming on racism and social justice. The bill was drafted to supplement an existing state law that requires public schools to incorporate black history into their lesson plans. No one knows or if they know they refuse to admit the actual differences among the races.

New Jersey Assemblywoman Angela McKnight, Assemblywoman Angela V. McKnight (D)

a black woman who is a sponsor of the bill, said that the bill will ensure that students in the state are taught a more complete version of black history. One can only hope

“Our children will learn about Black history and not just being a slave,” McKnight said. “We will know the contributions that Black people continue to do.” Not said is the preponderance of the prison population who also represent the black race.

One school district in the state is taking the issue into its own hands. The Cherry Hill School District announced recently that it may become the first district in the state to require students to take a black history course prior to graduation. The proposal was first introduced by students associated with the Black Lives Matter movement earlier this year. The district is reportedly working with historians from Stockton University and the University of Pennsylvania on the development of the course.

12-year-old student Ebele Azikiwe, who runs a youth organization called Rise Against Hate, told lawmakers that the proposed bill could help ease social conflict in the United States…. Maybe… But also maybe not because the social conflicts are caused by race-conscious people who want to create conflict instead of providing the simple truth about race.

“There is so much to share, to help awaken people,” Azikwe said. “If people were taught early we aren’t a threat but simply human it will make a huge difference.”

Who exactly is “we”? Why are they considered a threat and why is a 12 year old so aware of race and why does a 12 year old consider she should share her ideas about race? Perhaps the answers are inside the minds of the prison population.

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As a visitor to many, many African countries, cities and places, unlike either of the above mentioned people, the differences in the people becomes obvious. Burying ones head in the sand of ignorance and wrong information doesn’t help  understand that the differences will always be there and there are reasons the differences need to be addressed to be understood. That’s a first step that’s opposed to the blame someone for the treatment people receive and the perceptions people identify for different races. The assembly woman needs to get out in the world and see the actual differences before trying to force people to believe her ideas about race.

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