CNN in a FAKE NEWS “report” about what President Trump said about Representative John Lewis was another Liberal hit piece against President Trump.

CNN used the occasion of ex-president Obama’s eulogy of Lewis to bash President Trump, Republicans and white people. Obama did the same.

Representative Lewis who just died was a Georgia Democrat was vocal in his criticism of Trump, saying ahead of the president’s inauguration that he was not a “legitimate president,” prompting Trump to call the congressman “all talk” and “no action.”

Lewis was first elected to Congress in 1986 and served 17 terms during his 34 years as a Congressman in the U.S. House of Representatives. The district he represented included most of Atlanta. Trump is a Republican and Democrats cannot abide Republicans so Rep. Lewis was a political opponent of President Trump.

President Trump did not attend Lewis’ funeral because there was no basis for a relationship between the two men when Lewis was alive so there was no reason President Trump should attend his funeral. President Trump is no hypocrite but Liberal Democrat CNN wrote a report that was negative and against President Trump using the occasion of Rep. John Lewis’ death to be hypocritical. It was best that the President did not attend the funeral. ..

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