Mueller and his team of Democrat attorney’s knew Roger Stone’s statements were false at the time he made them, and he was lying to the Trump Campaign officials about interactions with and advance knowledge of Wikileaks’ intentions.

The aftermath of Stone’s commutation – which I’m 100% sure was expected and planned for by the anti-Trump partisans in the legal commentariat – has been a cavalcade of ridiculous claims about what Stone must be covering up to have been rewarded by Trump with a sentence commutation saving him from a significant amount of time in federal prison.  Now you have suggestions being made about future prosecutions of Stone – and with his cooperation at that point of Pres. Trump – that will be able to be brought if Trump is defeated in November. These claims are all built upon the ASSUMPTION that Stone is covering up something nefarious, and without Pres. Trump’s protection from the White House, Stone will be forced into cooperating in order to save himself. HERE.

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