He said he didn’t do it and if he did do it he now regrets it but at the time it seemed like a great idea. It was a bit more than a fling with Brazilian born stripper Natalia Lima, a stage name. Henry has to be among the dumber people in the universe to believe he would get somewhere other than in bed with a $2,000 an hour stripper. Strippers are sex experts. They know how to get more and more money for smiles and champagne from dummies like Ed Henry. A source who wanted to remain anonymous said: “Natalia Lima sometimes uses the stage name Evita and is very well known for having dated celebrities and I know she was seeing a famous singer and has dated some of the players from the Seattle Seahawks.” She didn’t know how many were on the team but it’s a lot she said.Lima is part of the Vegas scene, here entering a chicken wing eating contest at Diablo's CantinaSalacious details: Natalia Lima claims the two knew one another for five years when the relationship became sexual last spring (Lima above in March 2015)Brunette beauty Natalia Lima, 42, performed steamy $2,000-an-hour routines for Henry in a private VIP 'Skybox' at Sapphire Las Vegas strip club

How could Ed Henry be dazzled by Natalia? The same way most men are dazzled by dazzling women… Check out how Eve did it to Adam…. (Hint: it wasn’t an apple.)

Just for the record, here’s what Ed looks like….Lima revealed her tryst with Henry (above in May) in a salacious kiss-and-tell with In Touch magazine, prompting him to take time off work in a bid to mend his relationship with his wifeGet the picture? Ed was dazzled… His world collapsed into his sex drive which Natalia said was prodigious. Passion overcomes intellect when sexuality is triggered. Ed would have paid a lot more to be with Natalia but we aren’t sure if they hooked up or not. Either way, Ed’s considerable libido pushed him into Natalia’s web… The rest, as we say, is history. We may never know what really happened but FOX fired Ed over a different set of sexual incidents… To complete the triangle, here’s Ed’s official wife, Shirley Hung….

Shirley Hung (Shirley Henry) Wiki & BioIs the picture getting clearer? Check out the differences between Ed’s choices by comparing, … just the smiles. Here’s hoping Ed gets his life on the right track which may even involve Natalia… Strange things are done under earth’s sun. All the best to all of the actors… BTW.. Ed is self-supporting, reported to be worth about $6 million… Not as much as a lot of other people but it would be enough for Ed’s wife and Natalia.

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