The NFL has gone racial. The difference between the players, 80% black, the owners 99% white and the fans, mostly white is being swung in support of black people.

The American National Anthem is being replaced by the black Lift Ev’ry Voice And Sing, also known as the Black National Anthem, prior to every season opening game this year in the continuing effort to divide America into race-based pieces.

Calling it “asinine,” Texas Republican Senator Ted Cruz took a swipe at the NFL’s plans to air the “black national anthem” before its season opening games.

Cruz was appalled at having a separate anthem for blacks and jumped to his Twitter feed to take pro football to task.

“How many national anthems do we have??

“Is there an Hispanic national anthem?

“An Asian-American national anthem?

“This is asinine. We are ONE America. E Pluribus Unum,” he tweeted.

The reaction of fans to the new racial direction from neutral to anti-white or pro-black is unknown. No polling info has been shared but the NFL most likely found that fans will not protest the latest race-based tactic of the NFL.

Going from a neutral stance to a race based black race favoritism will be noticed and responded to by fans who become “woke” to the clear intent of the NFL to go racial which is stealth anti-white.

It is still unknown what is a proper response to race-based behavior.

Race is clearly an attribute of individuals.

Race-based behaviors are obvious in areas like marriage and local culture. Confusion is the rule and individuals are being influenced in subtle ways to do as the cultural leaders want. Devious, dis-honest and … well, put your own spin on it. Just be aware it’s not neutral… It’s not American and that it’s going on.

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