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“White and non-Black photographers continue to pillage our communities, to profit from our culture, our aesthetics, our anguish, while never offering us opportunities to right the wrongs of history and create truer narratives.”

The foundational idea of the flyer — that blacks can best photograph black protests, received an endorsement from black photographer Gioncarlo Valentine, an award-winning black photographer. The quote above is from him.

Valentine said most white photographers covering protests that are related to the death of George Floyd come up short. Is he correct? Well,… first of all George Floyd was murdered, not killed. Second, If Valentine is correct, and we don’t believe he is, Black photographers cannot get the white experience either. Valentine has a website that has some great photography but it’s not a website that is neutral about race and neither is he. Further, Valentine wants white people to fix what black people are responsible for and that’s both impossible and immoral. Even further than that, Valentine is certainly free to right the wrongs of history as is anyone else who chooses to do it. The verdict? The flyer is bigoted.

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