About 300,000 signed up for Trumps Friday rally. After the commotion made by the Juneteenth objectors Trump changed the day to Saturday and ticket requests shot thru the one million mark… The Juneteenth people are fit to be tied but they brought this on themselves. They should have figured out that different people support Juneteenth than support the president. Both events could have been held on Friday and each would have been noted by each different group but no, .. Trump was clubbed as being insensitive to Juneteenth so he changed the day and BOOM!! Ticket requests shot through the roof making Trumps event the biggest rally ever held. Tickets to travel to Tulsa went through the roof too making the day a complete commercial success, something that’s sort of alien to the Juneteenther’s. This is a complete surprise to all concerned and it underscores president Trumps popularity and him being the right guy in the right place at the right time. What’s sweeter than that?

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