He’s off his med’s again… He want’s to confront Trump’s Voters with his gun but he has no guns. This crazy meat-headed lout was too crazy for Roseanne who got rid of him in a hurry after she found out how nuts Arnold was. Arnold advised people in Hollywood to protest against the president by urging black men and “us white liberal men” to borrow their dads’ hunting rifles and go “nose to nose with Trump’s gang of misfit tools.” Yes be wrote “tools” instead of “fools”.

This is not crazy Arnie’s  first rodeo into not-so-veiled threats of death and other delusional rantings. In 2018 the Secret Service paid him a visit over his tweets about beheading Trump. In May of 2019 he went on a bizarre tirade saying he’d endorse a nazi over Trump. In October of 2019 he made headlines by warning Trump would end up like JFK. Then in November his twitter account was briefly suspended after making racist and harassing comments about Diamond and Silk.

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