Looters will be shot.. Perhaps with rubber bullets, perhaps with the real thing but certainly no one of good conscience can condone rioting and looting where property is damaged and destroyed by arson as has been going on with increasing frequency.. Everyone needs to follow the law. There is ample opportunity to demonstrate peacefully and legally as the First Lady Melania Trump as noted but rioting, looting and wanton destruction betray the evil mindset of the lawbreakers. For the good of the country and the people in it the riots must be brought under control and that may require overwhelming force. Hope not but the out-of-control people need to be brought under control. If that requires the National Guard to bring military might to control the rioters than that’s what has to be used. The president warned the rioters that when the looting starts the shooting starts. Hope it doesn’t come to that but the future is in the hands of the rioters and it looks bleak.

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