Researchers tell us Carrey’s psychosis is hardwired in his brain—and is especially difficult to treat. He  may understand, intellectually, that what he is doing is wrong, but he doesn’t feel it. He’s a mean kid but he doesn’t know it…. “Psychopaths know the words but not the music” is how Kiehl describes it. “They just don’t have the same circuitry.”…. Psychotics like Carrey not only fail to recognize distress in others, they may not feel it themselves.

A recent headline: Jim Carrey Opens Up About His Mental Health Battles….by STEWART PERRIE, 11/23/2017

We need to see a scan of Carrey’s brain to locate the damage.

A marker of a psychopathic brain is an overactive reward system especially primed for drugs, sex, or anything else that delivers a ping of excitement. In one study, children played a computer gambling game programmed to allow them to win early on and then slowly begin to lose. Most people will cut their losses at some point, Kent Kiehl notes, “whereas the psychopathic, callous unemotional kids keep going until they lose everything.” Their brakes don’t work, he says.

Faulty brakes may help explain why psychopaths commit brutal crimes: Their brains ignore cues about danger or punishment. “There are all these decisions we make based on threat, or the fear that something bad can happen,” says Dustin Pardini, a clinical psychologist and an associate professor of criminology at Arizona State University. “If you have less concern about the negative consequences of your actions, then you’ll be more likely to continue engaging in these behaviors. And when you get caught, you’ll be less likely to learn from your mistakes.”

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