Laphroaig makes it. Spend as much as you can afford and get the most expensive Laphroaig you can find. You have to love Single Malt Scotch Whisky to appreciate Laphroaig… It’s not for most people. First off, most people don’t like scotch. Second, even those who like scotch don’t like the very strong peat flavor that’s part of the Laphroaig flavor profile. Third, the rule of thumb is the higher the price the better the scotch. It’s rule of thumb. You may be the exception that favors a less expensive type than the most expensive. As for me, I like them all, some more than others and some few a whole lot more than others.

You need a special glass to properly enjoy Laphroaig. Don’t just pick up the first glass you see. Single Malt has an aroma that’s part of the package of the sensations of a single malt. The aroma is concentrated by the shape of the glass which tapers inward as it goes to the top. The smaller top concentrates the aromas. A brandy snifter like this one does that. The Glencairn whisky glass is great too. perhaps a bit better than the Waterford Brandy Snifter but the Waterford Snifter is a fantastic piece of art in addition to being great at concentrating the aromas. I just ordered some of the Glencairn glasses. I’ve been using and enjoying the Waterford Snifter for decades. . The Glencairn Glass

Then there’s the Norlan Whisky glass that just arrived and was promptly tested. The rim is too thick for my taste but the design is great. Has small protuberances to swirl the spirit around better and increase the aroma. Great design.

Are there better single malts around than Laphroaig? Sure but all things considered, it’s Laphroaig for me. …… But as I step up to the bar and someone’s looking to get my attention by waving a different choice, I’ll be glad to accept their hospitality with pleasure. And I’ll use the glass that’s offered with the hope that it’s a good one for the drink. Slainte’. L’chaim… Kanpai… Saluti…Geonbae…

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