What about the Wuhan Flu?? WOO – WOO – Watch for the choo-choo kiddies while government proves you have no spine. Headline: U.S. Hospitals Empty, Staff Laid-Off Amid Pandemic……

It proves most people think like slaves..It was the obedient slave mentality of people who obeyed the commands of tyrants that crashed the economy and ruined the livelihoods of others.  It was the fault of the government and the slave mentality of the police and the public willingly obeying the commands of their betters.

The media doesn’t want you to put the blame where it belongs and figure things out for yourself, so they hide behind deception headlines that will keep you in fear of COVID-19 as long as possible.

This is all a part of the larger plan to keep the public panicked about a virus and looking the other way when the tyrannical boots of the state come down on them.

Dozens of hospitals have reportedly denied non-coronavirus patients care and laid off staff, based upon absolutely wrong projections of millions of victims in the ongoing pandemic.

Pennsylvania remains in totalitarian lockdown as Commie Tommy Gov. Tom Wolf refuses to open up the highly populated counties of Philadelphia and it’s suburbs making a mockery of the area that began the American Revolution.

“I’m here protesting Commie Tommy” Catherine Callahan told Breitbart News:

“I mean he’s a communist, and everything he has demonstrated for us today just proves that he is a communist,” she said. “Threatening to take away licenses to open your business, your liquor licenses, etcetera. He is refusing to let people run their lives and feed their families.

“This is America. This is not Stalinist Russia,” she added. “But he is trying to turn Pennsylvania into his own makeshift Stalinist Russia, and we won’t stand for it.”

Kris Ross, the owner of K&R Contractors who attended the Reopen Pennsylvania protest at the state’s Capitol on Friday, said that her business has been affected by the “bullsh*t” shutdown and told Breitbart News that Gov. Tom Wolf (D) “doesn’t give a flying f about anybody but himself.”

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