Judicial Watch announced the court-authorized subpoena on Wednesday, intending to obtain all of the emails that were sent on Clinton’s private emails server, in addition to the thousands that were deleted using BleachBit which are still available from Google.

In particular, Judicial Watch is attempting to compel Google to release emails from an individual who helped Hillary Clinton operate her private email server. The subpoena was authorized by a DC federal court. According to documents and testimony Platte River Networks’ IT specialist Paul Combetta reportedly “used the Google account to transfer Clinton’s emails from a laptop to a Platte River server, then used Bleach Bit to remove any traces of the emails from the laptop.”

“Judicial Watch’s subpoena seeks all Clinton emails from her time at State, January 21, 2009, to February 1, 2013. Google is requested to produce the emails by May 13,” stated a statement released by Judicial Watch Wednesday.

So far, Judicial Watch has presented “approximately thirty previously undisclosed Clinton emails” that the State Department “failed to fully explain.”

As a result, a federal judge ordered that Hillary Clinton appear in court for a sworn deposition and answer questions regarding her use of this private email server.

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