What can be said about these two? That they should not be considered as presidential candidates because they are just way past their prime? That their ideas are mostly bad for America? That they hate the president but can’t explain why? The two hour debate was one of the most boring debates in history and with a gracious heaven they will be over with after the election.

Bernie’s suit was at least two sizes too big for him.. Joe Biden looked more frail. They did as well as they could but neither man is presidential material. image (19)

Neither understands the values related to freedom, expecially as related to money. Bernie is of course known for his praise of Karl Marx, Cuba, and the former Soviet Union. Joe is just way, way past his prime and belongs in retirement. He’s way past being able to compete on the world stage. If either one is the candidate, and there are no other people waiting in the wings, president Trump will almost be able to walk into his second term. It’s not over yet. The Democratic party is very, very strong in America so it’s not a foregone conclusion that president Trump will have it easy but that’s the way to bet. 

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