Jeffery Epstein’s fixer-in-chief Ghislaine (GeeLANE) is keeping herself under the radar because it’s dangerous for her to be seen, expecially after her main man Jeffery Epstein was murdered in jail. He knew too much and had too much bad stuff on a lot of powerful people. He didn’t live long enough to finish his life. The pair ran a “Honey-Pot” operation where older men were provided with young women, the Honey Pot. When they have sex with them it is recorded and used to black-mail the old guys. It’s been used since time-out-of-mind. It’s what Dililah used on Samson in the long ago biblical times. Women are alluring and men need women. The perfect combination of allure and lust was used by Jeffery Epstein and Ghisland Maxwell and now he’s dead and she’s in hiding. They knew too much.  One would be foolish to bet on a natural death for Ghislaine. Too many victims of their honey-traps are worried about what evidence Ghislaine has. When you entrap certain people they get mad enough to kill because of the entrapment.

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