It’s 4,668 miles from Moscow to New York.

Russia just tested the Avangard hypersonic missle that flies at 20,709 miles an hour. It will reach New York from Moscow in 13.52 minutes.

The fastest American missle flies at 11,505 miles an hour and will reach Moscow in 24.3 minutes. The Avangard is almost twice as fast as America’s fastest missle.

For reference the .17 Remington, a rifle bullet, travels 180,000 miles and hour which is about 9 times faster than the Russian missle and almost 16 times faster than America’s fastest missle. The question is: can America intercept and destroy the Avangard? The answer is not available but the American missle designers know about the Avangard and are at work on ways to destroy it before it can reach American targets.

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