Congressman Lee Zeldin from Long Island launched into an uninterrupted 11-minute-long complete destruction of the case Democrats have been building against President Trump when asked for his general thoughts on the whole matter.

“This entire process lacks legitimacy and credibility,” Zeldin said. “It started with the election of Donald Trump and his inauguration. To some extent, it even started before he was elected. People needing to go outside of their house and scream to the sky in order to vent their emotional and mental frustrations coping with the 2016 election kicked off this push for impeachment, and a pledge to resist, oppose, obstruct, and impeach anything and everything. Because of this unhinged effort and view of how government should work, the House ended up flipping in 2018 from Republican control to Democratic control. The activist base of the left put many Democratic candidates just over the top. There weren’t many votes making up the difference between a Republican-controlled House and a Democratic-controlled House. I see this current impeachment effort as a payoff towards those people who still haven’t accepted the results of the 2016 election. That’s the reason why Nancy Pelosi has a gavel in her hand and why Adam Schiff has a gavel in his.”

Zeldin continued on this epic explanation by explaining that he’s spent countless hours in the secure room where HPSCI chairman Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA), who has somehow managed to make himself even more of a villain to the right throughout this process, conducted the secretive depositions that were selectively leaked to the media before becoming the basis for the later public hearings and now actual Articles of Impeachment.

“This started before any of the allegations really get to President Trump and Ukraine and President Zelensky,” Zeldin said. “I have spent tens of dozens of hours in the Capitol basement bunker, Schiff’s house committee SCIF, even though all of these briefings have been unclassified. The depositions have been conducted in a way to keep the public in the dark. The strategy has been to cherry pick out leaks following the depositions, withhold key facts, and then outright lie in order to deliberately mislead and confuse the public about what’s true and what’s not true.”

Zeldin’s interview with Breitbart News came the day before Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman’s public hearing. Democrats had hoped that him showing up in his military uniform would push public opinion toward their efforts—which it did not, as countless recent polls indicate—and before the Democrats had released the transcripts of most of the interviews they conducted in the secretive Capitol bunker. Zeldin continued in his uninterrupted debunking of the Democrats’ impeachment narrative by explaining that because Schiff had been holding back certain transcripts before public hearings, members of his committee could not use the full contents of the facts gathered to question the witnesses—and thereby the testimony of people like Vindman was incomplete at best or, at worst, misleading to the public.

“We still have not seen all of the transcripts from all of the depositions that took place, and I don’t believe that another hearing should happen until the rest of the transcripts are released,” Zeldin said. “For example, tomorrow morning when Lt. Col. Vindman testifies, someone may have a question for him based on what Mark Sandy of OMB said on Saturday. But Adam Schiff’s deposition rules end up gagging the member who has that question. Back in that deposition setting, Adam Schiff played the role of prosecutor, jury, judge, witness coach, and chief strategist for lying and leaking. While he was saying this was analogous to a grand jury proceeding, there has never been a grand jury proceeding in the history of our country that has been anything like the Schiff show that I was witnessing firsthand in his Capitol basement bunker. The open hearings have been staged. The order of witnesses to get called, the denial of most witnesses the Republicans want to call, the denial of the precedent to allow the president’s counsel to be present to, at the very least, be able to assert executive privilege when appropriate, I believe the president’s counsel should also have the ability to present evidence and cross-examine witnesses.”

Rep. Lee Zeldin (R-NY), in his streaming destruction of the Democrat narrative, explained how the Democrats have been misusing the Intelligence Committee for impeachment purposes—noting that it should have been conducted in the House Judiciary Committee, to which it later was moved. He noted, too, how Schiff’s team was coordinating with the so-called “whistleblower” who kicked this whole thing of, and how Schiff has made himself a “fact witness” in the process–something the House Democrats refuse to act on.

“I don’t like that there’s—here you have the House Intelligence Committee, which isn’t even the appropriate committee to be dealing with this,” Zeldin said. “But, honestly, this is Adam Schiff’s baby that has his fingerprints on it going back to even before there was a whistleblower complaint. It appears that the whistleblower was in touch with Adam Schiff’s team before the whistleblower even had a whistleblower’s attorney or even filed a whistleblower’s complaint. Adam Schiff and a couple members of his staff have become fact witnesses.”

Next, Zeldin explained how the president’s requests with regard to foreign aid to Ukraine fit with longstanding U.S. policy and law—and how the facts are on Trump’s side in these particular cases he mentioned, both with Ukraine’s interference in the 2016 election on behalf of Democrat Hillary Rodham Clinton and with the corruption surrounding Ukrainian natural gas company Burisma.

“At the heart of what the president requested was concern over corruption in Ukraine, which has been longstanding U.S. law and U.S. policy,” Zeldin said. “The president specifically mentioned two cases which are important and legitimate concerns. Ukrainians did in fact interfere in our 2016 elections, and there are many facts to these allegations—all should be pursued. If there are seven allegations of Ukrainians interfering in the 2016 election and one or two turn to be a dead but the other five or six are 100 percent are factual and true, then it’s worth pursuing all to ensure that we’re getting to the bottom of Ukrainians interfering in the 2016 election.”

Burisma, of course, is the company that paid former Vice President Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden tens of thousands of dollars per month to be on its board while the then-Vice President was pushing Ukraine to fire a prosecutor investigating the company. Joe Biden succeeded: Ukraine fired the prosecutor. The Bidens and most Democrats have argued that it was U.S. policy and international consensus that said prosecutor, Victor Shokin, needed to be fired, but questions about this and, at a minimum an appearance of a conflict of interest, have raised concerns from even some of the Democrats’ star witnesses. A cloud has hung over Burisma and its co-founder Mykola Zlochevsky ever since. Zeldin continued by explaining that the president is right to have concerns over corruption swirling around the Bidens.

“As for the president’s concerns with Burisma and Zlochevsky, the fact is Burisma is a corrupt Ukrainian gas company run by a corrupt Ukrainian oligarch who hired the son of the vice president for at least $50,000 a month despite Hunter Biden having no Ukraine experience or energy experience,” Zeldin said. “This was a payoff simply based off Hunter Biden’s last name. He wouldn’t have gotten the position otherwise. In the middle of all of these massive monthly payments, the Vice President of the United States—Joe Biden, who is really the most conflicted personality in the Obama administration to be running point on Ukraine—goes to Ukraine and threatens Ukraine with the loss of $1 billion if they don’t immediately fire the state prosecutor who had an open investigation into Burisma and Zlochevsky. If that whole setup isn’t illegal, then it should be. Never again should someone like Hunter Biden be able to get these massive payouts simply because he’s the son of the sitting vice president running point for Ukraine. So, those are specifically two concerns that the president raised. And, all of our research into both topics have shown that there are actual important issues that unfortunately people who work in the executive branch didn’t take seriously enough when they should have—instead turning a blind eye towards all these concerns forced the president to take even more concern upon himself directly.”

Zeldin concluded his 11-minute destruction of the Democrats’ case for impeachment by pointing out that Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky has said he felt no pressure or demand from President Trump, and that Special Envoy to Ukraine Kurt Volker and European Union ambassador Gordon Sondland have both testified that there was no quid pro quo push from the president. He noted that when it comes to process and when it comes to substance, the Democrats’ case for impeachment has been fatally flawed.

“President Zelensky said there was no demand, no pressure, no quid pro quo, there was nothing wrong at all with the July 25 call or anything else for that matter,” Zeldin said. “But the people who have testified, such as former Special Envoy to Ukraine Kurt Volker, have laid out the facts as to how President Zelensky didn’t know there was a hold on aid on July 25, the readouts from Ukraine following that call mentioned nothing about withholding aid or a quid pro quo. On July 28, President Zelensky meets with Ambassadors Volker and Sondland and mentions nothing about quid pro quo or a hold on aid. In the several weeks that follow, there’s no notice by any Ukrainians about a hold on aid or a quid pro quo, and it’s not until the end of August after reading it in Politico that Ukraine receives confirmation that there was a hold on aid. The hold got lifted soon after, and Ukraine didn’t have to do absolutely anything to get that hold lifted. So, on the substance, the president’s right. On the process, Adam Schiff couldn’t have specifically been more wrong. Whether we’re debating process or substance, the impeachment charade needs to end. The only thing that you can possibly give Schiff credit for is his ability to write parodies and engage in damaging theatrics.”

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