America has some of the cleanest air in the world, and steady improvements are continuing over the long-term. Deaths related to air pollution fell by about 30 percent between 1990 and 2010, according to a recent study, primarily because of reductions in particulate pollution. Other research suggests that cleaner air has extended American life expectancy by several months and improved children’s health. Moore and thunberg are way behind the science of clean air generation by cars, etc.

Oxides are used to change exhaust gas into beneficial chemicals which are injected into the air by fossil fuel burning engines. Engines are tremendous labor-saving devices that have increased human life beyond all calculation. But the government want’s to take the credit for the invention and use of air-cleaning devices on engines as though they invented them… C’mon… Engineers, machinists and investors did it, not government.

Fossil Fuels are useless by-products of decayed plants, useless materials unless they are burned to release energy to improve and extend human life. Neither Thunder-head or Super-sized Moore know that. She needs to study chemistry before she continues her useless rants so she can understand the multi-benefits to human life of, for example, automobiles, aircraft and sailboats which are made from exotic chemicals. Thunder-head is full of memorized crap from dopey adults to whom science is worse than the F word.

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