“Sputnik” was half Timber wolf and half Tundra wolf…100% wolf and she was gentile towards her human family which included two babies. A special cyclone fenced yard was her home for many years. Several people entered her yard to give her treats or just to quietly sit with her and enjoy her presence. No one else would dare come in. No animals came in but if they did they met Sput. Oh well. 

She came as a small puppy with a puppy pus which grew into a strong jaw that could and did crush bone. She was an amazingly smart animal. A great pet who is missed. She was replaced later by a border collie, the smartest dog. No mistake that. Zha was smarter than other dogs. Another loving pet. Replaced by Commander Ricker, a full bred 100% Siberian Husky, as lovable as the other dogs, perhaps more since he’s here now. 

This was prompted by the story of “Yuki”  HERE a giant wolf near the end because of blood cancer. Another great big lovable animal who is at home with his human family at a shelter. Good.

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