So says not just me and millions of others who voted for Donald Trump to try to change things and get back to a good and moral nation. Lara Logan, a CBS star on Friday unleashed a blistering, uncensored attack on the extreme liberal bias polluting America’s news outlets. Logan derided the “horses**t” “propagandist” press that has no interest in fairness. Lara is a South African television and radio journalist and war correspondent. She is a former chief foreign affairs correspondent for Leftist, Socialist, Propagandist CBS News. 

Appearing on Mike Drop, the podcast of former Navy SEAL Mike Ritland, the foreign affairs correspondent and occasional 60 Minutes reporter berated slanted coverage in a way rarely seen by those in the mainstream press: “We’ve become political activists in a sense. And some could argue, propagandists, right?” Logan’s outburst came after noting former New York Times executive editor Jill Abramson’s admission that the paper publishes “raw opinion” against Donald Trump. 

Logan totally agreed with the idea that the press was hard-left: 

“The media everywhere is mostly liberal. Not just in the U.S. But in this country, 85 percent of journalists are registered Democrats. So that’s just a fact, right?… So the facts are on the side of what you just stated. Most journalists are left or liberal or Democrat or whatever word you want to give it. I always joke about the other 14 percent were too lazy to register. And there’s maybe one percent that’s on the right.” 

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