What about Claire, his mom? Is she the guilty mastermind or is she still being victimized by a crazy political/legal system? Her husband, a retired Bucks County PA detective, shot himself after he was charged with loads of crimes by the attorney general Kathleen Kane who is now in jail, crimes which the present attorney general dropped against Carl.

Repeat: Every one of the crimes Claire’s son Carl was accused of were dropped and a new set of lesser crimes were filed against him. As restitution he gave up his share of the mansion Clairemont. His sister Carla gave up her share last year so the state now owns Clairemont. In addition the prosecutors agreed to return control to Carl of two homes in the 4800 block of Danielle Drive in Buckingham, 14 cars including Rolls-Royce’s, and Ferrari’s, Rolex watches and one-third of the money in seized bank accounts. 

Hay… Wait just a minute… Who owned Clairemont? If it was Carl, why wasn’t it called Carlmont? This is confusing. Like politics …. where it’s almost impossible to know what’s really going on.   

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