So said a member of the Texas City Council about Ocasio for criticizing President Trump during his State of the Union address to Congress. 

Republican Scott Dunn, member of the City Council of Richardson, near Dallas, tweeted that Ocasio was a bimbo when Ocasio responded to GOP criticism that she wasn’t enthusiastic enough during Trump’s speech. She declared in a tweet: “Why should I be ‘spirited and warm’ for this embarrassment of a #SOTU?”

Dunn tweeted: “The embarrassment is to have bimbos like you with nothing between your ear[s].”

After major blowback, Dunn deleted the tweet — and apologized. By Saturday his entire account was gone. Oh well, …. but he didn’t deny that he sincerely believed Ocasio was a bimbo. 

  • A bimbo is a woman who is not pretty enough to be a model, not smart enough to be an actress, and not nice enough to be a poisonous snake.–P.J.O’Rourke

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Dunn told The Dallas Morning News that he had attacked Ocasio-Cortez “in defense of the president” and his speech. 

Republican political strategist and campaign consultant Ed Rollins last month called Ocasio-Cortez a “little girl” with a big mouth, and Twitter trolls relentlessly attack her appearance.

The Washington Examiner‘s Eddie Scarry tweeted a photo of her in November and wrote that she doesn’t “look like a girl who struggles.” The Daily Caller promoted what it described as a possible “nude selfie” of her last week before walking back its headline.