From the Associated Press we learn: “Giuliani also accused Mueller’s team of mistreating Manafort in hopes of getting him to give false testimony against the president. He said Trump “thinks it is outrageous and un-American and sounds like something that would happen under an oppressive dictatorship.” Here. 

Mueller’s filing on Manafort came at a delicate time for investigators, who have gone months without new charges and continue to probe possible but so far non-existent links between Trump associates and WikiLeaks, the anti-secrecy website.

As Trump continues raging against the investigation — he tweeted Tuesday that Mueller was doing “TREMENDOUS damage to our Criminal Justice system” — others in the crosshairs have filled the vacuum of Mueller’s recent silence by publicly declaring their innocence, accusing prosecutors of coercing testimony or tempting fate by turning aside negotiations.

One associate of Trump confidant Roger Stone is contesting a grand jury subpoena in court. Another, Jerome Corsi, said he was rejecting an offer to plead guilty to a false statements charge and has complained in news media interviews about his interrogations by prosecutors.”

“Stone, under investigation himself for connections to WikiLeaks, has repeatedly disparaged Mueller’s investigation and said his friend Corsi was at risk for prosecution “not for lying but for refusing to lie.”

Corsi is a Harvard Ph.D. so it is incorrect to refer to him as “Jerome” as the AP does. Of course the AP is very, very Left-Wing, anti-America political and is not known for it’s absolute integrity to truth.

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