Can it get more bizarre?

The devil is alive and well and working overtime to undermine the Roman Catholic Church, Pope Francis says.
In answer to an 11-page statement published on Aug. 26, by Bishop Viganò who launched an unprecedented broadside by a Church insider against the pope and a long list of Vatican and U.S. Church officials.

He accused Francis of knowing about sexual misconduct by a former U.S. cardinal with male adult seminarians but not doing anything about it.

Francis is so convinced that Satan is ultimately to blame for both the sexual abuse scandals and the divisions within the Church that he has enlisted the aid of …..ready for this? An Angel. St. Michael the Archangel. Michael is mentioned several times in the Bible as the leader of the angels who ousted Lucifer, the fallen angel, from paradise. The Pope never heard about Hillary and the Democrats. There’s a set of devils for you.

For something of this world, the world of reason and reality, consider president Trump blaming the Democrats for pushing the evil of Christine Ford and who are now crazy-talking of beginning impeachment proceedings against the newly sworn in Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh. The Democrats must be channelling the Pope for their ideas.  Don’t expect any angels to shoe up, at least not around the Democrats.

And don’t worry about Satan either unless you see someone carrying a pitchfork who resembles Hillary. .