Unhinged Arnold did poor in school because of his small and distorted brain which was further harmed by his alcoholism and drug addiction. 

Arnold spared no venom when addressing the hardcore base of Trump supporters who stand with the president. The question posed was basically: Even if you find an incriminating tape about Trump will it really matter to the 40 percent of the country that seems to like Trump no matter what he does? “This 40 percent? Fuck ’em. Tom does a line of coke before all his appearances.
Accusations from Arnold’s fetid addled loose meat brain came at such a fevered pace it was difficult to keep track. He said he has proof that Trump said the “N-word” multiple times. (Oh No!! Really?) He also said that he has evidence that Trump borrowed money from convicted sex offender and financier Jeffrey Epstein in 2008 because he was “broke.” Arnold also took aim at WME topper Ari Emanuel: “It’s on these people who are protecting him, including Ari Emanuel, who owns Miss Universe.”

This is one messed up guy. 

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